Sunday, February 14, 2010


Is It My Imagination Or Has The Quality Of Cigarettes Gone Down?

I have smoking some of the cheaper cigarette brands - namely Smokin Joes and I have noticed that these little cigars seem to be made quite differently!

Maybe its just me but it seems as though the quality of the brand has gone down. Even with the more popular cigarette brands it seems that the quality of the cigarette has gone down. It's like they are making cigarettes more cheaply and using a lesser quality of ingredients - but they are still charging the same (or higher) price!

I noticed this today when I was smoking my last few cheaper cigar brand of Smokin Joes. Of course this means that my cigarette supply is almost down to nothing - translation - I am out of cigarettes again! However my Adsense payment is about 10 days away - so at least that is something that I am grateful because that means that I will have cigarette money in less than 2 weeks. But then again that means I have to suffer through the agony of not having any cigarettes any time soon! Of course that makes me countdown my adsense days much more harder.

I see someone had left me a comment (again) about electronic cigarettes but this is still an option that is not for me! I much rather prefer the regular cigarettes than finding out where to buy electronic cigarettes.

I am a plain and normal cigarette smoker through and through - period!

As a side note I also seem to be running out of matches! How ironic becuae I usually have a good supply of them around. I buy lighters of course when I can afford them but usually I'll buy the cheaper lighters and they don't seem to last as long.

Oh well, at least I know that when I buy more cigarettes they will at least give me some matches for free!

So as of now I am out of cigarettes and waiting for my Adsense money to come through but its going to be about 10 days before I actually get it and its driving me crazy!

I really, really have to start making more money!

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